Pacifier Holder
Pacifier Holder
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Pacifier Holder

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We all know the struggle of baby dropping or throwing a beloved item out of a stroller or cart and then demanding it back the next second! In our fight to reduce the textile waste, we created these cute pacifiers holder, just the thing to keep baby's pacifier or teether toy germ free and off the floor! Everybody wins! 

* Handmade

* 100% Organic Cotton (Recycled)

* Wood Top Clip (Free Plastic)

Product Care:
• Never completely submerge your •wood clasp• in water to clean it. Simply spot clean with warm water and mild soap.Rinse. Let it air dry fully before giving it to the baby.
• DO NOT BOIL, steam or microwave sterilize your clip.
• Do not clean your pacifier clip in the dishwasher, washer, or dryer.
• If needed, treat wood products with a safe food grade natural oil. We recommend natural organic bee wax.

Safety & Disclaimer:
All of our clips:
• are made with secure and tested knots.
• wooden parts have been treated with a light coat of organic bee wax for added protection against everyday wear and tear.

• Our products require adult supervision at all times. Inspect clip before every use.
• Our products should be thrown away at the first sign of damage
▲Most baby products are recommended to be replaced around every 3-6 months for sanitary reasons.