About Us

My name is Susana, the one behind this business. I am Mexican, I grew up watching my mother sewing and ended up being her right hand, she was the perfect example for me of hard work and that helped me to become the woman I am now.

15 years ago I come to this beautiful country with a bag full of dreams, and little by little they have been realizing .

The brand Moana & Kai born in July 1 of 2018.. Why Moana and Kai? Both names are from Hawaii and both name stand for ocean, I have 3 children's so Moana represents my 2 daughter's and Kai is the name of my little boy, we are a family that loves the ocean, the nature and 1000% enjoy outdoors activities, that's why we think that name goes perfect with our vision, Our vision? Teach our children with our cool designs the important of take care our planet... and off course...

Living Forever Summer!